Sporting Activities


Bursa is an excellent hunting area rich in wild game. There are 4 important bird hunting areas: Uludağ, the Lake İznik, the Lake Uluabat and the Kocaçay Delta.


For nature walks there are 6 excellent designated hiking courses in Uludağ open during summer and winter.

* Oteller Region-Cennet Kaya Course: With an elevation of 1865 meters at the starting point, with the Gemlik Bay on the north and a view of the mountain villages on the south, it is a nature hike of exquisite beauty. The course is 2000 meters long.

* Oteller Region-Sarıalan-Çobankaya Course: With a starting point at 1850 meters and an elevation of 1750 meters at the end, the course winds through a magnificent forest of splashing streams. The course is 5200 meters long.

* Oteller Region-Softaboğan Waterfall Course: Starting at 1800 meters, this forested course down the terraced slopes of Uludağ is accompanied by a brook and pond which ends in a waterfall. The sound of rushing water and incredible views escort you down until you look out on a gorgeous panoramic view of the Bursa Plain. The course is 6000 meters long.

* Oteller Region-Hanlar Region-Bağlı Village Course: The descent from 1865 meter peak down through the mountain villages gives the visitor a chance to experience the extraordinary hospitality of the Anatolian people. It is a distance of 7500 meters.

* Oteller Region-Zirve Hill Course: On the climb up to the 2487 meter peak, the visitor comes face to face with the incredible natural beauty of Uludağ with lush vegetation on one side and a panoramic view of the sea and the Apollon lakes on the other. The course is a total of 7615 meters.

* Wolfram-Madenler Region- Lake Region Course: At an elevation of 2300 meters you will experience the privilege of observing butterfly species and wild flowers only found around Uludağ. The glacial lakes (Kara Göl, Aynalı Göl, Kilimli Göl, Buzlu Göl) up here create a superb atmosphere. The course is 9800 meters.

Youth Tourism

In the district of Gemlik are the Youth and Scouting Camps of Hasanağa and Kırcaali which are run by the Provincial Sports Administration. During the summer camping opportunities to young people from around the country are offered and they can choose to stay here during one of the four 10-day session. In addition, the Gölcük Camping Grounds inside the Uludağ National Park have camping activities for students and scouts. The shores of the Lake Iznik and Uluabat also make good camping areas. There are sailing, swimming, surfing and camping classes open to people of all nationalities.