Saitabat Waterfall: This waterfall, 3 km away from the village of Derekızık, falls from a canyon. This recreational spot with its restaurants offering grilled food of all kinds is frequented by the residents of Bursa.

Suuçtu Waterfall: Situated 18 km away from Mustafakemalpaşa, the Suuçtu Waterfall is in the middle of a natural paradise and the roar of the water falling 38 meters is very pleasant. The creeks of Karadere and Kavaklıyayla begin high up on Çataldağ Mt. and then come together here to form the waterfall. This is also the water source for the town of Mustafakemalpaşa and 15 of the neighboring villages.

Aras Waterfall:
If you take the Uludağ road from Bursa and turn onto the asphalt road that leads through the forest when you come to the entrance of the National Park, you will come to the village of Soğukpınar at an elevation of 1000 m. The 30 km from Bursa to Soğukpınar is made of asphalt but the last 5 km to the Ketenlik Highland is gravel.

From the highland village of Ketenlik, take the marked trekking trail north and you will find the Aras Brook and Waterfall in a rocky area full of the water from the melting snow of Uludağ and falling from a height of 15 meters. The elevation here is 1700 meters.